Reg No. DEL / 1025 / 05 / 2014

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Aireaa - All India Real Estate Agents Association

Our Role & Goals

AIREAA is India's leading professional body for real estate agents 

AIREAA was established in 2010 with the goal to raise the profile of the nationally established agents. 

AIREAA's key roles include providing help and guidance for real estate agents. 

As a respected industry body, AIREAA gives real estate agents the credibility of being a part of a professional body and the opportunity to promote qualifications through its membership. 

By choosing to AIREAA members, buyers can be confident they are dealing with a professional and experienced real estate agent.

Arranging and providing for, holding and displaying exhibitions, meetings, readings, classes, seminars and training courses.

To conduct conferences, seminars, demonstrations, exhibitions, etc. with a view to disseminating the knowledge and techniques of real estate investment and asset management, so that it would help the community of people involved in providing services to the Trust.

To establish, maintain and expand a library of books and publications on statistical, commercial, technical, industrial and other general interests.

To Real Estate Investing

To establish, maintain and conduct, finance or subsidize or raise funds by voluntary contribution establishment of publications, conferences, conferences, conferences, conferences, conferences, seminars

To establish and assist in the coordination with the Government or the Trust, the Trust may consider and decide on the interest of the trade.

To employ, assist, organize, assist and advise and carry on the work of the Trust.

Government bodies, non-governmental organizations, statutory authorities, non-statutory authorities, associations, trusts, charitable organizations, individuals, etc. non statutory authorities, associations, trusts, charitable organizations, individuals, etc. 

To enlighten the members of the public.

To promote and carry out research, surveys and investigations, and to carry out research, surveys and investigations.

To encourage and develop meaningful co-operation among persons engaged in the business of Real Estate Consultancy and related services, directly or indirectly irrespective of the subject.