Reg No. DEL / 1025 / 05 / 2014

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Aireaa - All India Real Estate Agents Association
An Aireaa Member will:

An Aireaa Member will:

Assist in viewing properties – accompanying the buyer on the showings, or previewing properties on behalf of the buyer to ensure their specifications are met


Code of Ethics

All India Real Estate Agents Association (AIREAA) members acknowledge that a buying agency must be founded upon strict adherence to the legal principles of a real estate agency with ethical standards that may s Read More...

Standards of Practice

All India Real Estate Agents Association (AIREAA) is an independent alliance of real estate professionals who act on behalf of buyers in property transactions. We, the members of this Association, are committed Read More...

Latest News

India has a vast population with needs regarding food, house and jobs on an ever-increase mode. The housing among these fields is one of the major ones. Thousands of people have grown to be rich and as many of Read More...